The next-generation platform for private business transactions

Crypt0.Cloud is a next-generation distributed ledger technology platform that leverages some of the basic precepts of blockchain technology to help companies in certifying business transactions in a fast, private and secure environment, simplifying business operations.

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About Crypt0.Cloud

We're Fast

The first objective of our design is to create a fast DLT platform, modifying the algorithms to create a unique solution to avoid transaction wait time.

We're Hierarchical

We understand the corporations and governments have special needs to control their data; with that in mind, we have created extra layers to control efficiently different flows of transactions in a DLT.

We're SAAS

We are designed to be fully scalable, multi-cloud, redundant BAAS platform where every node can be load balanced and distributed between different cloud providers for redundancy.


We’re A New kind of DLT.

With the beginning of the blockchain revolution we observed that the protocol might have some efficiency problems as more new users and processes are relying on this technology. After evaluating and observing such evolution for a while we proved our theory Saturation is making of public blockchains slow and complicated. Nowadays every blockchain developer or user know on this fact but they think this is part of the system and nothing can be done about it.

That's where we're coming from. We started to think about possible solutions on these issues so we iterated tens of protocols until we found a combination of solutions that enable blockchain functionality for private or consortium environments opening the possibility to innovate on the current idea of blockchain without compromising the cryptography specifications of the platform.


ED25519 is the fastest Elliptic Curve Asymmetric Signing Algorithm.

Block calculation moment

Calculating a new block is based in time units controlled throughout specific authorization protocols.

Apps Where the smart contracts are and the requirements

Every transaction is vinculated to a registered application, that is latter called back with the result of the transaction

Transactions Group

Transactions are also arranged in groups allowing its easy identification and logic organization, based on specific purposes, enabling new use cases.

Nodes Categories

Every deployment needs a Controller Node that validate different Authorization tasks, all the other Nodes are Calculation Nodes that determine and store transactions.

Node Redundancy from single to multy cloud

Every node can be divided into Compute and Storage instances, that can be instanced in the same network or in totally different Cloud Providers. Giving the node the ability to survive even if an entire datacenter fails.

Our Products and Services

Private SAAS Platform

To create deployments dynamically through our self service portal.

On premises DLT integrations

Crypt0.Cloud can be integrated in any enviroment.

Training and Consulting

We help you and your team to create sucessful DLT Solutions.

Integration SDK

To create faster Solutions we provide several Development SDK.

(coming up soon) Mobile App

Giving the ability to end users of storing their credentials in their mobile and signing in from those.

(coming up soon) Mobile Libraries

If your use case need integration in your mobile application we will provide libraries to integrate it to your current use case.

Our Skills In Verticals

We’ve skilled in wide range of web and Other digital market tools.

We are a team of talented profecionals that combined we have provided successfull solutions to many Insustries

  • 01-Authentication

  • 02-Identity

  • 03-Banking

  • 04-Justice

  • 05-Academy


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Our Team


Rogelio Rocha


Successful multicultural leader with a proven track record of a high performance in Digital Transformation Consultancy, Business Ecosystem Development, Revenue Generation and Consistent Performance of Global Operations


Angel Espinoza


Recognized Solutions Architect, Winner of several development contests, focused in innovation and entrepreneurship, with a vast experience designing and developing cloud apps, machine learning, applied cryptography, data security and transactions, mobile development, blockchain, iOT and Enginery Optimization with Genetic Algorithms

Our Plans


$0/ ever

  • 1000 Transactions
  • 1 Application
  • for testing purposes


$0.35/ hour / core

  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Unlimited Application
  • Memory 3.75 GB / core
  • 5 GB Storage
  • 5 GB Networking
  • In USD


$0.10/ month / GB

  • In USD


$0.15/ GB

  • In USD

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